Newsletter – Keep It Simple and Hurry Slowly – Monday 25th September

Keep It Simple and Hurry Slowly – Monday 25th September.

A newsletter about becoming awesome by remembering to breathe while creating awesomeness

So, what’s on for this newsletter?

Mindset and strategy

Since it is Monday once again it is time for a few words in the context of mindset and motivation, and how to keep pushing forward towards your goals.

“Step by step and the thing is done.” ~ Charles Atlas

Content this Monday

  1. Mindset
  2. What I am working on this week
  3. Recommended tool of the week
  4. A quick tip on the use of one of the tools I use in my line of work
  5. Recommended reading
  6. Productivity Tips
  7. Weekly question or topic – Today´s question is from me to you – Are you drifting?

Please be advised, that this email contains a few affiliate links which means that I will receive a small commission if you click any of them, but at no extra cost to you. The commission will help me keep my blog running


The quote in the intro to this newsletter is a quote from Charles Atlas, an Italian-American bodybuilder who created the Dynamic Tension Program (pulled from Wikipedia, 25.09.2023, 7.55 PM UTC+2)

It ties very well into a book I am currently reading which is Atom Habits by James Clear. The book is also my recommended reading this week. It will aid you in keeping focus and commitment to your blogging and affiliate marketing venture.

Basically, it is about being committed to meeting up every day and doing the needed tasks that will take you on a trajectory toward success.

Doing nothing creates nothing. Not being willing to change and adjust, will keep you at a standstill. Those small changes to habits that building muscle requires, can be life-changing if, and only if, you want to commit yourself fully to what you do.

The same thing goes for building out a blog, not writing for 5, 10 or even 30 minutes a day will take you nowhere other than time waste and frustration.

It all comes down to a strong belief in what you do and meeting up for it every day!

I know I can do it and I meet up every day for my dream, to become a full-time blogger, marketer, and digital nomad.

What Am I working on this week?

This week is about learning Pinterest and how it can be utilized for traffic growth to my blog. I am attending a Pinterest Bootcamp hosted by Nadalie Bardo.

Pinterest is one of my methods for blog growth and I need to learn how.

You can still join the Pinterest Bootcamp if you want to. it started today. Just head on over to Nadalie´s Facebook profile and follow the link on her profile.

New Tool Discovery

In relation to Pinterest, it is important to search for keywords that are trending on the platform. To find Pinterest Trends go to your Pinterest account under the. analytics menu option.

I also use Google Trends for both my blog and Pinterest.

Finally, there is a paid option called Pin Inspector that will help in the task of finding and analyzing keywords for Pinterest. I haven´t used the tool, but it is a recommended tool by several marketers as well as Nadalie Bardo.

Recommended Tool of the week

This week I will recommend Grammarly, which is an all-in-one writing assistant that works on your desktop and in your browser. Use it in apps, word processors, email clients, and more. It will help with spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. It has also the option as an AI writer.

I am not a native English writer so I am dependent on a tool as Grammarly to write in English, even if I ma quite fluent in the language.

Productivity Tip

Here’s a quick productivity tip for you as well.
Make a schedule for at least one month ahead, all the way down to the hour, with specific tasks for each time slot.

  • I use Outlook Calendar.
  • In Outlook I define the printing layout to cover my days from 5 AM until 10 PM, with a task list in the sidebar
  • Each Sunday or Monday morning, I set aside 1-2 hours to work on the next 4-week schedule.

I plan each day for each hour like this, blogging, business, daytime job, time with family, time for sports, time with friends and relatives etc.

It might seem a little bit extreme, but this scheduling task creates my “free time” where I get time for my family as well as for my own hobbies and interests.

Questions Thet Needs Answering?

A question of reflection this week:

  • Are you drifting?
  • Is it a conscious decision by yourself that has resulted in you working where you are working, or living where you live, or getting married before you planned it?

I did this reflection after listening to Gretchen Rubin´s podcast about the same topic.

Listen/ see it on YouTube, just search for “Gretchen Rubin drift”.

That should take you to the video of her speaking at 5×15. Highly motivational and inspirational!

Recommended Tools and Resources

Finally, my recommended platform to learn how to get started with blogging and turn it into an online business with the use of affiliate marketing is Blogger Evolution by Chris Myles.

A down-to-earth guy who offers a course on the topic called “Blogger Breakthrough Pro” that will get you running in a short time

My other recommendation to add to the skills Chris Myles teaches you is Convertkit, which is also called the creator’s marketing platform.

It is an autoresponder that manages the emails you send out, and also your subscribers. In addition, you get access to a vast community of creators, both well-known as well as beginners, that will support you in your efforts as a blogger, marketer, and creator.

Recommended Reading

This week my book recommendation is as recommended above under Mindset Atomic Habits by James Clear. You can get it on Amazon or from his website

I hope that my newsletter has given you some value and takeaways. I have done my best to provide you with this info and reflections

Until next time, be safe, remember to keep it simple, and hurry slowly!

But, before you go, blogging and affiliate marketing are all about engagement. I would love feedback from you on this newsletter or my blog.

What do you want to read about?

Are there specific areas you are struggling with in your blogging efforts or your online business venture?

Other questions related to blogging and being a “solopreneur”?

If so respond to this newsletter or comment on any of the blog posts on my website and I will get back to you.

Remember, building out your blogging business is a long-term process and can lead to wonderful places and connections.

You can do this – You are powerful!

All the best,

Roy – Keep it Simple and Hurry Slowly

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