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Hi and welcome to my Monday Newsletter.

I hope that you enjoyed my first newsletter sent out last Monday.

So, what’s on for this newsletter?

Mindset and strategy

Since it is Monday it is time for a few words in the context of mindset and motivation, and how to keep pushing forward towards your goals.

You have a goal for what you do, right? 😉

A lot of people expect to see results quickly and if they don´t they quit, telling themselves that this stuff doesn´t work or isn´t suitable for them.

The truth is, stay in the “fight” for the long term. The phrase “Rome was not built in one day!” is very real and applicable in every part of everyone´s life, as well as in creating an online business through blogging.

Since you are here, I know that you want to go somewhere in the world of online business. My advice learned the hard way in my profession as a professional pilot for more than 35 years, you will not achieve anything from nothing, and the effort you put into your actions will equal and increase the output you can expect in your business.

If you want to learn more about mindset and setting up your goals and highly recommend Jim Kwik. He will teach you how to maximize your mental capacity with simple actions. Check out his website, podcast, or videos on YouTube.

Content this Monday

  1. News related to blogging and online business
  2. What I am working on this week
  3. Recommended tool of the week
  4. A quick tip on the use of one of the tools I use in my line of work
  5. Recommended reading
  6. Productivity Tips
  7. Weekly question or topic – Today´s question is from me to you – Are you drifting?
  8. The question this week – How can I start a blog?

Marketing Is All About Engagement

To make the newsletter a living thing, I need input from you in my audience.

What questions do you have in relation to business, blogging, affiliate marketing, and online business?

What are you struggling with currently?

Please reply to this email with a question you would like answered in next week´s newsletter, and make the question or questions relevant to:

  • blogging
  • online business
  • affiliate marketing

Before I continue a quick reminder that this email contains a few affiliate links which means that I will receive a small commission if you click any of them, but at no extra cost for you. The commission will help me keep my blog running

To the newsletter

News from the world of marketing, blogging and online business:

Only one news headline this time and that is from Google and its guidelines for content creators. Google has rolled out a fresh update to its “Helpful Content” system as of September 14.

The primary focus is an “improved classifier” designed to sift out content that doesn’t actually help people but is just written to rank in search engines.

You can read more about what this means for you as a blogger and as an affiliate marketer on Google Search Central and on The SEO Roundtable website.

What Am I working on this week?

I am taking a “deep dive” into, to utilize it to its fullest potential. is a content tool that helps you with every process in your content creation process.

It is a central hub for your copywriting and blog post efforts. You have everything you need in the software features; research, outlining of articles, competitor analysis, SEO optimization, plagiarism checking, and analysis of how your websites and blog posts are doing.

When I use Frase I am literally having my first outline and draft ready within 10 to 15 minutes, and can start to rewrite it in my writing style, check facts and SEO Optimize the article. I can do it with Frase.

When the article is finished and ready for publication, it is a quick task to copy it and synchronize your blog post with your WordPress website.

I will write about in an upcoming review, In the meantime I recommend you to head over to and take a look.

New Tool Discovery

Last week I discovered a great tool to help us content creators be more effective in creating content. It is an app called Cuppa. It is an AI tool that will help you create content and blog posts quickly.

I got to know it after a tip from my mentor Chris Myles on the latest live meet-up. This week I am trying it out and I am impressed. I use it in conjunction with Frase and am able to create 2-3 new SEO-optimized blog articles within 15 minutes, ready to be fact and quality-checked.

You can learn more about Cuppa on their website.

A quick tip on the use of one of the tools I use in my line of work

Talking about Cuppa and Frase; I create my blog post drafts with these simple steps;

  1. Log into Frase and create a new document for example “How to start a blog”, and click “Create Document”
  2. When Frase has done its research, go to the right-hand sidebar menu and select “Optimize”
  3. Then go to the second header menu in Frase and select “export”, choose “excel (SERP data)
  4. Log into Cuppa and select “create content” – “single article generation”
  5. Select either GPT 3.5 or GPT 4
  6. Fill out your target keyword, in our case “How to start a blog”, and if you want create an automatic outline
  7. Expand the “Advanced. Options” and find the keyword field
  8. Go to your Excel sheet with the keywords from Frase, select all keywords from the Topics pane, and copy them.
  9. Paste the selected topic keywords into the keywords field in Cuppa
  10. Select between 1000 and 2000 words for the article and then “Generate article”

This step-by-step guide will give me an SEO-optimized article about my chosen topic, ready for fact check and quality review, as well as making sure it is written in my personal tone.

Recommended Tool of the week

This week I will recommend Cuppa, which will expedite your content creation efforts significantly. It is not free and will cost you about $90 per year. But in my opinion, it is worth the price, both in terms of user-friendliness and quality of the content.

Productivity Tip

A quick productivity tip for you as well. Make sure to take some time off in your marketing efforts. In other words, schedule free time for yourself each day, to do something you love very much.

The result will be a much more productive person and a better product/service offered by you. Less is always more.

If you are going full speed ahead all the time, You will burn out sooner or later. I am speaking from my own experience.

Questions Thet Needs Answering?

An easy question this week: How can I get started with blogging?

The answer is a simple 10-step process:

  1. Choose a niche ( a topic to write about)
  2. Choose a domain name and a hosting provider
  3. Set up your blogging platform, preferably WordPress
  4. Choose a visually appealing theme and user-friendly layout
  5. Customize it as necessary (Name, logo, tagline, menu structure.)
  6. Create compelling content
  7. SEO optimize your content
  8. Engage with your audience – encourage comments and feedback
  9. Collect emails through comments and opt-in forms
  10. Create an email list

You can read more in my blog post “How To Start A Blog – General Steps”

Please reply to this mail with suggestions or questions related to what topics you would like me to cover in the next newsletter.

Recommended Tools and Resources

Finally, my recommended platform to learn how to get started with blogging and turn it into an online business with the use of affiliate marketing is Blogger Evolution by Chris Myles.

A down-to-earth guy who offers a course on the topic called “Blogger Breakthrough Pro” that will get you running in a short time

My other recommendation to add to the skills Chris Myles teaches you is Convertkit, which is also called the creator’s marketing platform.

It is an autoresponder that manages the emails you send out, and also your subscribers. In addition, you get access to a vast community of creators, both well-known as well as beginners, that will support you in your efforts as a blogger, marketer, and creator.

Recommended Reading

This week my book recommendation is Limitless by Jim Kwik. It is about how to harness the full power of your brain through simple methods.

Jim teaches them very well and I would highly recommend the book as it will benefit you in every aspect of your life.

Learn how to remember names, where you have put things, webinars, etc. with ease ( of course it requires a lot of training, but the methods themselves are simple and easy to do).

Sounds interesting? Check the book out at your local bookstore or get it from Amazon.

I hope that my newsletter has given you some value and takeaways. If I have forgotten something I promised at the beginning of this newsletter, let me know and I will fix it in the next issue.

Until next time, be safe, remember to keep it simple, and hurry slowly!

All the best,


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