Newsletter Monday 1th September

Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good evening wherever you are in the world and welcome to my first Newsletter. I am exhilarated to finally have published my first newsletter.

What can you expect from each newsletter….?

  1. First what I am working on at the moment
  2. New discoveries related to the niche of blogging, affiliate marketing, and online business
  3. Recommended tool of the week
  4. A quick tip on the use of one of the tools I use in my line of work
  5. Weekly question or topic – Answer/explanation
  6. Recommended reading

Marketing Is All About Engagement

To make the newsletter a living thing, I need input from you in my audience. What questions do you have in relation to business, blogging, and affiliate marketing? What are you struggling with currently?

Please reply to this email with a question you would like answered in next week´s newsletter, and make the question or questions relevant to:

  • blogging
  • online business
  • affiliate marketing

Before I continue a quick reminder that this email contains a few affiliate links which means that I will receive a small commission if you click any of them, but at no extra cost for you. The commission will help me keep my blog running

To the newsletter:

  1. This week I am focusing mainly on planning my content and putting it into action. The life and death of a blog is content. Content, which can be articles, reviews, and how-to guides is the life force of every blog. Little or no content equals the death of your business. So how to create content consistently and make it an enjoyable activity?

    Create a content plan in a spreadsheet that covers the whole year! Whoa…. wait a minute, how can I do that, that is a lot of work! Not necessary, that is exactly why you should make a plan. Choose 52 topics for one year. That is 1 blog post each week. Plan to publish one post every Monday, and use the week from Tuesday and forth to research and write the blog.
  2. The next thing I am focusing on this week, which follows in the steps of creating content, is setting up my autoresponder, and creating content for it. Recently I decided to make Convertkit my preferred autoresponder and I will explain why in a blog post that will be published within the next two weeks.

    Simply explained, an email list is actually more important than your website or blog. Taking care of the people who are interested in what you do and the service you provide, is the first priority above all else. If you do not have an audience and serve them well, you are out of business.

    How to get started with email marketing will be covered in a coming blog post. In the meantime, you can read more about it on Eb Gargano’s excellent blog post Why every blogger needs an email list
  3. The last main topic I am working on is working on my skills with AI tools. The creator economy (bloggers etc.) needs to take AI tools seriously and add them to their toolbox.

    AI will not go away anytime soon. If you are willing to utilize it, It will supercharge your workflow. My go-to resource for learning this skill and getting the best advice for my business is Evolution Unleashed.

    The guys behind them are Stu Jordan and Andy, and they are magicians when it comes to exploring which prompts and how to apply them will benefit your business the best way.

    They have a free Facebook group and also a great course to get into the most important part of AI and how to use it properly called Marketing Accelerator Framework (MAF)

New Tool Discovery

Last week I discovered a great tool to help me in my business or for whatever you do and that is an app called OtterAI. You can use it as a live transcriptor for meetings, for your own notes, or for blog drafts, without the need to sit in front of a computer.

Use your smartphone and earplugs, talk to OtterAI, or let it “listen” in on your Zoom call or other meetings and it writes meeting notes and minutes of Meetings for you automatically. It is free (300 minutes) to use and is easy to get started with. Recommended!

Questions Thet Needs Answering?

As there are no questions yet to respond to I will address new questions next week.

Please reply to this mail with suggestions or questions related to what topics you would like me to cover in the next newsletter.

Recommended Tools and Resources

Finally, my recommended platform to learn how to get started with blogging and turn it into an online business with the use of affiliate marketing is Blogger Evolution by Chris Myles. A down-to-earth guy who offers a course on the topic called “Blogger Breakthrough Pro” that will get you running in a short time

My other recommendation to add to the skills Chris Myles teaches you is Convertkit, which is also called the creator’s marketing platform. It is an autoresponder that manages the emails you send out, and also your subscribers. In addition, you get access to a vast community of creators, both well-known as well as beginners, that will support you in your efforts as a blogger, marketer, and creator.

Recommended Reading

A lot of people are talking about the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, which I haven´t read yet, but there is another book on the same topic that I have read and can recommend with all my heart, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson which is about the same topic as Atomic Habits… micro habits and small change in habits you have can have tremendous impact on what happens in your life and business

I hope that my newsletter has given you some value and takeaways. If I have forgotten something I promised at the beginning of this newsletter, let me know and I will fix it in the next issue.

Until next time, be safe, remember to keep it simple, and hurry slowly!

All the best,


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