Newsletter – Keep It Simple and Hurry Slowly – Monday 25th September

Keep It Simple and Hurry Slowly – Monday 25th September.
A newsletter about becoming awesome by remembering to breathe while creating awesomeness
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Mindset and strategy
Since it is Monday once again it is time for a few words in the context of mindset and…

What is Affiliate Marketing -10 Tips To Get Started

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing? The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to market the products of other companies or people on a commission basis on the Internet. The affiliate marketer will get a sales commission on every sale from a merchant done via the affiliate marketers’ links. In one sentence, Affiliate marketing can be explained … Read more

How To Structure Your WordPress Blog With Categories and Tags

Wordpress Categories And Tags Selection

WordPress allows you to sort posts into categories and tags. It makes it easier to manage content and more accessible for your readers to find the content they’re looking for. This blog post will recommend how to structure your WordPress blog with categories and tags. Categories and keywords will help search engines understand how the … Read more

How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme (10 Factors To Consider)

WordPress themes are an essential part of building a website. They provide the foundation for your site’ssite’s design and functionality and can significantly impact the user experience. With thousands of WordPress themes available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. It is probably the most crucial choice you make, as the theme determines … Read more

How Do I Adjust WordPress Settings?

After you have installed WordPress on your selected WebHotell, the first step for you should be to take a look at the general settings of your WordPress Installation (your new website). It is essential for SEO, security and performance to adjust WordPress settings for website Identity, language, time and date, permalinks, security and more. Doing … Read more

What Exactly Is WordPress?

Wordpress, Web, Design-581849.Jpg

You’ve probably heard of WordPress (WP) before, but what exactly is it? WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing tool for websites, blogs, and online stores. Several websites you visit are made with WordPress if you surf the Internet. According to WordCamp, more than every 3rd website is created with WordPress. So What Exactly Is … Read more

How To Start A Blog – General Steps

In this blog, I’ll go over the steps on how to start a blog using WordPress, and lay the foundations for your online business adventure. I’ll cover choosing a topic, selecting a blogging platform, setting up your blog, writing and publishing your first post, building an audience and monetizing your blog. Starting a blog in … Read more