A Quick Review of Wealthy Affiliate – 6 Reasons Why I Became A Member

It is difficult to navigate the jungle of platforms and websites that promise to teach you how to earn money online or create an online business, with affiliate marketing and blogging being two ways to do it.

This quick review of Wealthy Affiliate is about how the platform has provided me with what I need to become successful in relation to tools & resources, education, and community.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to create and start your online business. Learn my 6 reasons why I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate.


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1. Everything You Need For Blogging and Digital Marketing In One Place

Blogging And Digital Marketing

People seek convenience in all they do. I am no different. I love not having to login into multiple tools and platforms just to manage my affiliate websites and marketing business.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I have one place to login to access all tools I need to learn to build my blogging and affiliate marketing venture, and put my skills into practice.

The only other tools/software I would recommend acquiring is an autoresponder like Aweber for your emails and a graphics app like Canva for all your graphic needs.

Further, I recommend to use Google Office Suite programs like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Presentation. They are free to use and are very good. No need to pay for MS Office 365.

All the three software mentioned above is free to use.

2. SiteRubix Website Builder

Siterubix Websitebuilder

I always look for simplicity and effectiveness in the tools I use.

The Siterubix Website Builder platform is one such tool.

There is only one simple menu to navigate for building and managing your websites, buying a domain, writing new content for your websites, getting comments on the content you publish and at the same time getting some initial traffic to your blog.

The Site Builder is simple to use to create a website. You can create and publish your website in just one minute. Building your website doesn´t take more than 30 seconds after you have clicked “build my website”.

You can read more about the 4 steps to publishing your website with WA in this article.

The other hosting providers I have used and still use for a couple of websites have a bit more complex user interface and as such makes the step a bit bugger to get your website published.

3. Managing Your Websites Made Easy With The Site Manager.

Siterubix Sitemanager

The Site Manager provides you with a detailed but easily readable of your website and how it is performing

From the Site Manager you can log into your website with one click, easily set up sub domains and access your root folder through the FTP protocol.

You have access to your domain’s control panel (CPanel) from the Site Manager, although the access is limited. If you need to modify or add any settings, you have to contact Site Support to have it done for you.

For most owners of a website, the limited access to the CPanel is no big issue. Your requests are usually handled within a few minutes. I have had my problems solved between 5 to 30 minutes.

Having Site Support do the adjustments helps you make sure that your website settings are not being messed up with fatal consequences. In other words not having to worry about DNS settings simplifies keeping your website online 24/7.

You can instead focus on the core activity of your online business which is creating content for your website.

3. Self-hosted WordPress Website and Additional Hosting Services

Wordpress Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software module that allows you to publish and show your content on your website. WordPress is the CMS used by the Siterubix platform

Some other hosting services that are included are:

  • SiteSpeed – Helps to keep your site loading fast (important to Google for ranking consideration)
  • Free SSL – Free Site Security Certificates (Free SSL) are included. It will help keep your site secure and your audience safe when they visit your blog.
  • SiteProtect– This feature prevents SPAM from your site and your email inbox.

On several other platforms features mentioned above is available as paid options. Wealthy Affiliate include these features for all three membership plans.

4. Education and Training

The WA platform has a vast library of training and classes. There are new classes and new training added every day of the week. The classes cover every aspect of Internet marketing and online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Classes

Depending on your membership level, you will have access to new classes once a week or every day of the week.

Everyone in Premium and Premium Plus+ membership gets access to all modules of the Online Entrepreneur Course (OEC) and the WA Bootcamp training. Members of the Starter trial membership gets access to the 5 first lessons in module one of OEC.

There is an added benefit in terms of training. WA members can create tutorials on topics they are skilled in or familiar with. But you have to wait until you have been a member for 3 months, before you can create training modules.

This feature is a part of the community principle in WA. As an online entrepreneur, you cannot succeed all alone. You need a community or accountability partners to help you push forward.

Last but not least, by creating your own tutorials, you will learn both the topic better and also learn and hone the important skill of presenting your curriculum to others.

5. Earning Credits

You can earn credits for your activity within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The credits earned can be cashed out for money, they can be used to pay for your domains or you can use the credits to get eyes on (traffic) to your own blog posts.

You earn credits by commenting on other members blog posts on their websites, five site feedback on design, layout and features on other members websites and from creating and getting clicks on tutorials you create for the other members of Wealthy Affiliate

6. Site Support

Wealthy Affiliate Site Support

WA Site Support is one of the best support services I have ever encountered in relation to online products and services.

Every time I have had an issue that I needed help with, it was solved usually within 30 minutes. Even getting my website back up and running after it had crashed due to me installing to many plugins, it was back up and running within a few minutes.

There has been just one issue Site Support couldn’t help me with (so far), and that is adding some settings to connect one of my Autoresponders to a subdomain of one of my domains hosted on the WA platform.

Any problem is handled quickly.

I am not saying it just because I am a WA member, but the fact is that Site Support is quick to respond and the quality of the response and follow-up is exceptional. Usually, you get a response within minutes after you have raised the support ticket.

All other platforms that have tried out, in the same niche as WA, have not delivered on support.

Some Final Words

Starting and building an Online Business is not an easy task. It is a simple process to get started, but it takes grit to make it prosper and succeed.

You need resources to help you do all the necessary daily tasks. The resources needed are available at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is a very good and safe place to get started and to evolve your business further. All your resource and tools are available on the platform.

It is reasonably priced. Researching other similar platforms as WA shows that WA five tons of bang for the bucks.t it is not easy find price plans that provides what WA provides, with the same level of quality and community attitude.

For an investment of about a cup of coffee a day, you get access to one of the best platforms for creating an online business.

The only additional thing you need to add to the platform is yourself and your determination to make your online business success.

There will be an in-depth look at and review of Wealthy Affiliate as 2023 area about make its appearance. It will be published within a couple of weeks.

What is your thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate? Do you have other recommendations? Please leave a comment below and let me know?

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