Google is Going Head To Head With ChatGPT – Say Hello To BARD

Today, 8th March 2023, Google is Going Head To Head With ChatGPT. There is a Live Event you should attend because it will impact everyone that is connected to the Internet. As THE biggest player on the Internet, what Google does has an impact on all of us no matter what we are doing on the Internet.

Google is hosting a Live Event today where they will present their response to ChatGPT and AI Writers in general.

It will be shown on Google´s official YouTube channel at 2:30 PM CET (Central European Time)

Go to this link if you want to watch the Live Event

AI Tools Are Awesome Digital Marketing Assistants

Google´s Ai Tool Bard
Google Is Going Head To Head With Chatgpt - Say Hello To Bard 2

AI tools are helping you and me as online marketers and bloggers to do our tasks much more effectively, freeing up time to other necessary tasks.

Last year we saw that the ChatGPT app turned everything upside down on the Internet. ChatGPT is one of the apps OpenAI has developed and is developing further.

Google´s AI tool is called BARD, and is a direct response to CHatGPT, Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI and intention to integrate ChatGPT with its suite of software.

ChatGPT can help you create all sorts of content and copy to publish on your blog, affiliate marketing ads, social posts, etc. And that is only a small fraction of what it can do.

Today there are several such AI tools that help you write very good pieces of content and do many tasks within minutes instead of spending several hours creating the same thing.

These are tools like Jasper,, Jounce and more

They are insanely fast in fetching data and facts about things it has access to in their database or from the Internet.

They will impact everything we do in creating an online business and earning money online.

Where To Watch Google´s Live Event About BARD

So don’t get left behind and watch the Google Live Event! The I’ve event is scheduled to air at 2:30 PM CET (Central European Time)

You can watch the Live Event on Google´s official YouTube channel using this link.

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