How To Start Blogging (In 4 Simple Steps With Wealthy Affiliate)

Heard about blogging and affiliate marketing and are curious? Is it difficult? How much will it cost me? What do I need to get started?

There is a lot of information on how to start a blog and make money from it with affiliate marketing.

Starting A Blog In 2023

But all the information available online can be outright confusing and, to put it mildly, overwhelming to many.

Don’t worry. It is much more straightforward than it sounds. And you do not need to use a lot of money to get started. 

The process of building your website with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting is;

  • Choose to use a free or a paid domain, 
  • Choose the Domain Name of your website
  • Choose a Title for your website (the name of your site)
  • Choose the design for your website (a theme)

After this, click Build My Site, and your site will be ready within a minute, ready for you to publish your articles.


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What I Look For From A Website Builder Platform

My website and my mission are all about making it simpler to navigate the jungle of online business and marketing.

I want you to have a sound basis of information to a good service that fits your needs and your wallet when creating an online business through blogging.

What I look for in the online services I use, like a website builder platform, is simplicity, no unnecessary cost and high-quality service.

I have worked with computers and Internet-related topics since before computers became mainstream. I have spent thousands of hours learning and exploring the ins and outs of how these things work, both in my spare time and through formal education.

Based on my background, I have a good foundation for judging whether a service is good for the average user based on their requirements and experience.

It is Not Difficult and It Is Not Complicated To Create And Publish A Blog

Despite what several websites and marketers try to make you believe, creating your own website or blog is not difficult today. And you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to do it yourself, either.

It is cheap to do, a simple process, and you do not need a lot of expensive software, period!

You can do almost all tasks yourself, which is perfect if you’re a bit of a tech nerd like me. But most people are not that interested in all the tech stuff and want to go online as easily and quickly as possible.

Rest assured, most of the serious website builder platforms will get you online within minutes instead of hours with a simple process.

One of these platforms I would recommend when you want to get started online with a website is the one I use. I am using Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to host my websites and publish my blogs.

I have been using WA since March 2020 and have no plans to go anywhere else. I can sum up why in two sentences;

The pure value and quality of Wealthy Affiliates web hosting services, website builder services and very good site support department are difficult to beat and worth every penny and more. 

The setup process to get your website online is quick and straightforward and will only take you about a minute.

In addition, WA provides quality training and classes in every aspect of online business, website building and content creation. All this is provided at a price that is ridiculous in my eyes.

The Necessary Ingredients For A Blog

Creating A Blog Is Like Being A Pilot
Blogging Is Like Flying

I am working in the aviation industry and blog as a side activity. I have been flying helicopters since I was 20 years old.

As a pilot, you cannot fly your aircraft without a minimum required equipment list, called for short MEL.

When you start a blog, there are some minimum requirements to “go flying”, just like a MEL described above. Your blogging MEL is as follows:

  • A domain – which is most often the same as the name of your blog (website)
  • A place to host your blog. In other words, where should your blog live? A hosting provider offers this service.
  • A Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is the system that allows you to create and publish your content (articles, blog posts and reviews) as well as allowing you to adjust the appearance of your website like menus, headlines, pictures and more.

This is really all you need to get started. If you don’t know what all of this means, I have covered you in the next paragraph.

Getting Started With A Blog Using WAs Website Builder

Your Wordpress Backend Dashboard
WordPress Backend Dashboard

The pure technical process when creating a website with WA tools is a simple 4-step checklist, but there are some prerequisites or some tasks you need to do before you start on the 4 simple steps to publish your website.

These are steps you need to do, no matter which company you choose for hosting and building your website.

The pre-checklist before you can start the process of publishing your blog is as follows:

  1. Decide on what you want to write about. This can be a hobby or other stuff you have a passion for.
  2. Decide on a domain name – which usually also will be the name/title of your website. My domain is and the name of my website is roysinonline.
  3. Choose a title for your website. My title for my website is the same as my domain name; roysinonline.
  4. Choose a design for your site – By this I mean try to visualize approximately how you want your website to appear to a visitor, and select a theme that will aid you in the design.
  5. Choose a website Builder Platform where you can host your website and publish your content. In this case a membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Now you are ready to carry on with the 4-step process of publishing our website.

If you´re not a member of Wealthy Affiliate yet, you need to create a membership account. You can begin with a starter membership, to get started and try out the Wealthy Affiliate platform for free. In order to get full access to WA features you will need to upgrade from the Starter account to either a Premium or a Premium Plus account.

The 4-Step Process

When you log in to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it will look like the picture below. Select the “websites” menu item in the top menu bar to access the website builder features.

Wealthy Affiiate Member Dashboard

Next, click on the “Sitebuilder” menu item that is now showing in the centre of your computer screen, and then you can start the 4 simple steps that will publish your fresh website in about a minute

Wealthy Affiliate Website Builder
Wa 4 Step Website Builder
  1. Decide on what kind of website you want to build

    Select what kind of website you want to build. The selection here is targeted to either building a website with a paid domain you have bought or if you choose to use a free domain offered by Wealthy Affiliate. If you choose a free domain, it will have the extension added to the name you select for your website.

    When you first start out it doesn´t really matter if you start with a free domain as you can quickly move it over to a paid one after you have built your website.
  2. Choose a domain name for your website

    In Step 2  you choose either a paid domain you own or a free one that you created in the step above. Mine is because it describes well that this is me and I am online and doing my business online.

    Another example is my other website which is about my family´s dog. She is a cute little furry lady of the Japanese Spitz breed, and her website is named Japanese Paws, with the domain name I have a website in my native language as well about her and that domain name is Japanske Poter is the same as Japanese Paws in English
  3. Enter a title for your website

    This is the same as the text you will see in the Header of your website. You can also call it the Name of the website. In my case, this is RoysinOnline for this website and Japanese Paws for the dog niche website I mentioned above.
  4. Choose a design for your website

    WordPress is the content management system (CMS) used on the WA platform to build, design and publish your articles. It is one of the oldest and definitely the best CMS on the Internet. It is also free.

    That means that you can download a full package of WordPress for free from and install the WordPress software package manually yourself. But that takes a lot more time, with the risk of more hassle, than using a service like WA.

    WordPress offers thousands of them templates and in this last step, you select one of them that will give your website the appearance you want.
  5. Choosing A Theme For Your Website

    The last thing you need to do is to click on let’s build your website. In about 30 seconds, your first website is created and published online. It is ready to be filled with your articles, reviews, and blog posts.

Building Your WebsiteYour Website Being Built

Now everything is ready for you to log into your new blog and get acquainted with the WordPress back office.

Login To Your Website

Final Thoughts

Today it is not difficult to create a website and publish it. There are several website builder platforms to choose from. Some are better and more intuitive than others; it can be challenging to know this before choosing one.

If you chose Wealthy Affiliate as your hosting provider you would be online with your first website in a few simple steps.

When you have the five prerequisites in order, there is only a 4 step process left to publish your new website with WAs website builder platform. 

All in all, it will take you between 10 to 20 minutes to complete all the steps, including the prerequisites.

If you haven´t decided on a domain name yet, pick a free siterubix domain and get started with a new blog at once. It will be easy to transfer the free domain to a paid domain when you get one.


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